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Corazón ALASI

It’s been known that family is one of the core values of the Latino Culture.  As such, it is the belief of ALASI that the individuals that sometimes deserve the most recognition, are rarely seen by our community.  For that reason, we have created the Corazon ALASI award as way to recognize those individuals in our lives who have fired our ‘corazon’ (heart) to make us the individuals that we are today. 

We ask that you nominate either:


  • A parent/guardian 

  • A family member

  • A friend

  • A mentor 

  • A leader 


Who you believe embodies all of the following (examples have been provided as things that would count)


1- CULTURE: Engages with the community to improve equity and cultural competence in Southern Indiana.  (ex: help fundraise to support the needs of community members, helps the community with youth programming, participates in Latino-related programs and activities)

2. ACCESS: Actively assists and/or empowers the Latino Community (ex: participates in health events, provides interpretation services, creates opportunities for Latino Community members)


3- EDUCATION: Seeks to improve education for Latinos. (ex: pushed you to complete school, learnt a new language to communicate with you, provides support in work places to grow and develop, teaches in programs such as JA/financial literacy, advocates for access to higher education for all Latinos)


The ALASI Board of Directors cannot be a nominee. 

Please type your answers in English or Spanish.

Deadline: July 31st, 2023

To nominate someone please complete the following:


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